Vanav - UP7 The Selection 1 set

Brand from South Korea: vanav. Size: 192 x 93.86 x 194.83mm Battery: Li-polymer 1,400mA rechargeable This UP7 The Selection comes with: UP7 The Selection Main Body 1 pc Exfoliation Care Head 1 pc Galvanic Care Head 1 pc Line Care Head 1 pc Charging Cradle 1 pc Adaptor 1 pc User Manual (Korean, English and Chinese) 1 pc Warranty Card 1 pc Benefits: A 3-in-1 skincare device that provides a luxurious aesthetic care at home. Comes with 3 massager heads - Exfoliation Care, Galvanic Care, and Line Care. Helps improve blood circulation and revitalize the skin. The titanium-made massager head is safe for sensitive skin. 6 modes ranging from essential daily cleansing routine to special nourishing care to the skin. You can adjust the vibration level according to your skin condition. Guide for each massager head: 1. Exfoliation Care Head: Removes makeup residue, sebum and dead skin cells with ultrasonic vibration. 2. Galvanic Care Head: Galvanic ions, 3D vertical vibration, and LED therapy to provide synergy on cosmetic absorption. 3. Line Care Head: Galvanic ions, 3D vertical vibration, and LED therapy for massaing the jawline, neckline, and decollete line. How to use: 1. Before first-time use, fully charge the UP7 The Selection for at least 8 hours. 2. Press power / vibration level button to turn on. 3. Touch the side-touch pad with your fingers to select your desired mode. 4. Hold the main body by covering the ion port in silver at both sides with your fingers. 5. You will hear a sound at the end of every mode. 6. Adjust the level of 3D vibration by pressing the power / vibration level button. 7. After use, open the Head Cap and remove any residue of cosmetics products with a tissue, soft cloth or cotton pad. *Since UP7 The Selection has a strong magnetic power, keep it away from any magnetic object such as credit card, TV, monitor. Manufacturer s Warranty Period and Details: This product (vanav - UP7 The Selection) is covered by a manufacturer s warranty that expires 12 months from its shipment date. During the warranty period, customers will be entitled to free repair service if the defective item is caused by non-human factors and within scope of warranty. Repair for defective item will be charged after the warranty period. Within Scope of Warranty: Limited to malfunctions occurred during normal use. Out of Scope of Warranty: For malfunction or damage resulting from human factors listed below: Any improper use and damage caused by accident or improper storage of the device (e.g. device dropped), any usage of the product not in the

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